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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Health Care

This morning, filling in for Joe Scarborough on his ABC Radio show, Dillan Radigan, host of some CNBC money programs, laid out some of his thoughts on the Health Care debate:

1. The main problem is money; we do not have enough money to provide the type of health care that carries us cradle to grave.
2. The role of the government should be to impose control and regulation, not administration.
3. One regulation he proposes is that every American, from the age of eighteen on MUST purchase catastrophe insurance (he sees the cost at a few hundred dollars a year); a large portion of our health care expenditures presently come from these massive calamities.
4. Someone must bring up "rationing". The largest percentage of health care expenditures is spent during the last twelve months of life and, with constant advances in technology and medicine, we may be able to keep people alive for longer and longer. At some point, Radigan said "someone may have to say 'granny gets one hip, not two' or 'granny gets one eye, not two' etc.". He admits that it's a very hard thing to say and it will be hard to determine who should have the power to say it.

He agreed with callers, I believe, that health insurance should be up to the individual with premiums paid with pre-tax dollars. That makes sense to me -- the implementation would be tough; perhaps employers would have to give employees a one-time raise, based on the amount of the present insurance premium and then get out of the health care business.

I'm sure that there are flaws someplace -- but it made sense to me


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