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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subtle Slanderous Attack

A day or two ago, I wrote on the efforts of Professor Elizabeth Wood and others to convince the Rhode Island Legislature to maintain the present law on "solicitation" that allow off-the-street prostitution. I also wrote on the personal attacks on Professor Wood and her colleagues.

Since that posting, I have come across an article in Human Events on this subject by Dr. Judith Reisman which I feel, through innuendo and fuzzy writing, boarders on slander to Professor Wood and those who support her. In the article, "Reisman vs. Rhode Island" Dr. Reisman, best known for her opposition to all things Kinsey (the work of Alfred Kinsey -- her most recent book is "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences — The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme"), uses a very brush, linking Dr. Wood and the others with any group, no matter how far out, that advocates change in present public positions on sex. After quoting Doctor Wood (and introducing to the piece as "Herr Weitzer’s ally, Elizabeth Wood" -- a reference to Ronald Weitzer, an advocate of decriminalization, a blatant, in my view, attempt to brandish him as a "Nazi"), Reisman moves rapidly to an attack on the he Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco which, she says, "would legalize prostitution of adults and children as well as sadism and other forms of pathological sexual conduct." (I have been to the IASHS web site and, in a cursory glance, saw nothing that advocated sadism).

Moving right along, after linking the signers of the letter to the IASHS, Reisman writes "the new sexologists 'would legalize adult child sex, incest, child prostitution, and child pornography, providing that such practices are purportedly “consensual.'”. So, in other words, if you think that it's ok for a man or a woman to pay to get laid in Rhode Island, you support incest and pedophilia. This is not only spurious reasoning, it is, in my judgement, slanderous.

There are valid points of debate about both the Rhode Island Law and prostitution in general but Dr. Reisman's fuzzy logic is not worthy of a PhD and her personal attack is not worthy of an educated human being.


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