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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Best of All Time

It is always hard to call someone or something the "best of all time", whether it be is sports, the arts, politics, etc. There are always thing to dispute, times to consider, the competition to evaluate, etc. These are items of debate that go on into time immemorial -- Shakespeare vs Chaucer vs O'Neill; Ruth vs Cobb; Mailer vs Hemmingway; Brown vs OJ; Magic vs Jordan vs Oscar; Burton vs Gable; Washington vs Lincoln vs FDR; Sinatra vs Caruso vs Robeson; etc.

It is hard to ever be sure -- different times and circumstances require different skills and strengths and just this factor often makes comparisons meaningless. Yet, if we are ever fortunate enough to witness a person who is clearly the best of all time at what her or she does, we are lucky, almost honored.

I am that lucky -- I've been following baseball for over sixty years in person and know more about baseball history than most Americans know about the history of their country or members of a religion know about its precepts and I have and continue to witness the, without question, greatest relief pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera.


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