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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ancestors and God

This morning on Facebook,I saw a posting from a friend, "Today I am thankful for my home and the presence of the Lord in my life." Someone else, thinking it was a nice thought, replied "What a wonderful way to start out a Monday morning. Enjoy your day. (:D)".

To me, with all respect to the original poster, it seemed like a platitude -- however, that is "to me"; I'm sure that she lives a life of belief.

The posting raised other thought in my mind. So I replied "A nice thought -- and we should be grateful for whatever benefits we have. We were born in the US (me to a family that valued education) from a line of ancestors that all came from some place else at some time -- they chose a path that brought us here, Has they not, we could have been killed in a religious war in Europe, staved in Ireland, flooded in East Africa, been on the wrong side in WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, or Iraq. Instead we were lucky to have gotten here -- to an imperfect society that still seems better than any other that I know.

In many cases, we don't know much about these ancestors -- their reasons for abandoning some homeland for what they saw as a better choice. All we know is that we owe them!

So we can thank them as well as a God....

Have fun

I am confused about God -- but I know that I had ancestors (in my case, four grandparents -- of whom, I only knew one) who, for whatever reason, chose to come here. They met, married, and had children and their children met, married and had children -- and I am one of two. Was this God's plan or is it a genetic accident?


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