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Monday, November 02, 2009

A Poem With An Ending

A Poem With An Ending
By johnmac The Bard

Philip Levine wrote a poem,
a rather long poem,
”A Poem With No Ending”;
it was published in the “Paris Review
(and in the “Pushcart Book of Poetry
where I read it). It is, in my judgment,
a very good poem and I recommend it.

The title got me thinking – everything
that we know in this world has an ending
(“in this world” is a gratuity to my co-religionists).

Life is a poem
with irregular meter,
strong, soft, and profane language
infused with deep-felt emotion
and it evolves to become
the story of our existence.

And the end, the last line, is death.

Copyright 2009 John F. McMullen


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