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Monday, January 25, 2010

Listening to David Mathinson

Within the last four days, I’ve heard David Mathinson, “compiler” of “Be The Media”, speak in venues in Westchester County, NY (Mathinson uses “compiler” rather than “editor”. for reasons that escape me because, although there twenty-four contributors, including Mathinson, after listening to Mathinson, it is obviously his vision that drives the book).

The first of the talks was held on Thursday, January 21st as part of the "3rd Westcheter Tweetup", a program sponsored by the Westchester 140 at the Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab in Pleasantville. That presentation lasted less that an hour and served as a preamble for the longer presentation made two days later at the Katonah Village Library.

In both presentations, Mathinson stressed that the advent of Web 2.0 is part of a Renaissance moving the information society from one of “scarcity” in which very few companies (newspapers, television networks, music publishers, concert managers) controlled the dissemination of material to one of “abundance” in which we, if we choose to be, are all writers, video producers, musicians, etc.

He discussed how the new providers can only monetize their products if they can either develop mass distribution, usually unlikely, or develop a lesser number of quality “patrons” or fans who may be willing to support the product with one day’s pay a year (if the provider can amass 1,000 fans willing to spend $100, the return would be $100,000).

Mathinson went through his own experience in turning one “tweet follow” into a sale of 4 books to a Facebookfriending” of the purchaser to a “face-to-face” meeting of the same person at a conference to a sale of 5 thousand books to college lecturing to foreign consulting and work with the United Nations. The story illustrated his point that one leverages the endeavors by moving up the value chain – giving away an MP3 or a chapter or a blog to a low price product (book, DVD, etc) to higher priced products to consulting and lecturing.

To be successful in such an endeavor, Mathinson said that we must be attentive to our fans, followers and friends – and not only cultivate Twitter followers but analyze them through such tools as “We Follow", "Friend or Follow", and "Twitterholic:.

The above just scratches the surface of the two presentations. I suggest:
Purchase of the book
• Following of Mathison on Twitter
• Keep up with his schedule on Facebook and attend any presentations near you.
• Check out the links to his video, blogs, etc
• Subscribe to the weekly update

.. and, please, comment here on your response to his material.


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